Standard Expansion Ladder - The casual version of Ladder play that consists of five acts D2R Items. This is accompanied by the "Lord of Destruction" expansion content.Hardcore Expansion Ladder - The hardcore (only one life) version of Ladder play that includes five acts, as it includes the "Lord of Destruction" expansion content.

The first time ever, players will have the chance to unlock a variety newly-created Rune Words in the Ladder system! For clarity they are Rune Words have never existed in the game prior to now, and they won't be available to players playing without Ladder similar to the earlier set of only Ladder Rune Words in the original Diablo II experience.

After the conclusion of a Ladder season those who made them Rune Words will have their Ladder characters transferred to the "non-Ladder" version of the game. In the beginning of following Ladder season, the players will create a entirely new Ladder character and start all over again to earn new rewards.

Mercenary Changes & New Rune Words.We've seen a lot of comments from players about the subject of Mercenaries and we're improving Mercenaries in various ways. Many players like these mercenaries, especially the Desert Mercenary, and we are looking to offer more reasons for using the other three Mercenaries buy diablo 2 resurrected items. As such, we are looking into improving their skills and stats to improve their character and create a fantasy.