Bless Unleashed has been released for almost a month, and many players have found some unique game skills. I’m here to share a tip that I have mastered. When a weapon or armor is still on fortification level zero (for example right after you upgraded it from green to blue) it can't break. Your enhancement might fail but you won't lose fortification progress AND the gear doesn't get damaged which means you can try again without repairs. Anyway, thus you can save more gold to exchange Star Seeds in the game, or you can  from MMOWTS!
Star Seeds have always been irreplaceable in the Bless Unleashed, especially in the early stages of the game. If you can get a lot of Star Seeds at the beginning, you can save time more easily. Because you can buy better potions, and you can use Star Seeds to resurrect after death to avoid XP loss. However, the Star Seeds that can be obtained through channels other than recharge in the game are limited, so I recommend MMOWTS to you. Their professional team will deliver the